Healing vs. Curing

Goal – eliminate or control symptoms/ restore the individual to a previous state minus the symptoms Goal - integrate body/mind/spirit and free body/mind/spirit to express more as one experiences new states (s)he may have never experienced before
Everything is viewed as separate (treating individual localized parts and symptoms/conditions) Everything is viewed as connected and synergistic (caring for the individual as a whole)
Separation of being Integration of being
Whole equals sum of parts Whole is greater than sum of parts (Life and its expression is that “Something Extra”)
Fear and judgment based (body often viewed as inherently defective, in which things can go wrong at any time) Trust based (trusting the inborn potential to be healthy; we’re born with the ability to self-regulate, heal, adapt, and develop)
Doctor is ultimate authority/healer (patient is there to be “fixed” by the doctor—passive role) Individual is ultimate authority/healer—The Doctor Within (practice member is an active participant in their healing)
Doctor only seen when individual is symptomatic (illness behavior = taking action only when a problem becomes apparent – re-acting) Regular care ensures maximum integration of mind/body/spirit with no plateau or ceiling (wellness behavior = voluntarily taking part in activities and behaviors that improve one’s quality of life and health – pro-acting regardless of one’s personal circumstances, presence, or absence of symptoms – Healthy by Choice NOT by Chance)
Cure is an event Healing is a process; an inner-journey of self-discovery and re-organizing to higher levels of self-organization
Individual in "victim" consciousness (passive role) Individual responsible for creating own internal experience (active role)
Process: Label condition, diagnose, treat Process: Initiate increased awareness of the spine and body, its respiration & rhythms, and connection to others; encourage the resolution of one’s own “issues”; reclaim and enhance trust in the Innate Intelligence residing within each body