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Chiropractic is a drugless, neurologically based health care profession that was founded by D.D. Palmer on the concept of tone. In 1910 he wrote, "'Life is an expression of tone.' In that sentence is the basic principle of Chiropractic. Tone is the normal degree of nerve tension…expressed in functions by normal elasticity, activity, strength, and excitability of the various organs as observed in a state of health. Consequently, the cause of dis-ease is any variation in tone…"

each of our bodies has an inborn intelligence designed to keep us alive and healthy

The fundamental premise in chiropractic is that each of our bodies has an inborn intelligence designed to keep us alive and healthy; we call it INNATE INTELLIGENCE. The fact is, our bodies are self-healing, self-regulating, self-developing, and self-adapting, and the nervous system is the master control system and coordinator of the body, and also plays the important role of adapting us to our environment (external and internal).

It is impossible for interference/distortion to be present in the nervous system without inherently disturbing healing, development, regulation, adaptation, and every realm of human experience since we literally live our lives through our nervous systems.

Nervous system interference/distortion is caused by life traumas/stress (emotional, chemical, and/or physical) beyond the body's ability to safely experience and process fully. This leads the body into a state of defense physiology (fight-or-flight), which results in vertebral subluxations.

Wellness-Centered Doctors of Chiropractic realize that although many symptoms and conditions respond favorably to chiropractic care, it IS NOT a treatment for any specific condition or symptom, including back pain and headaches. The goal is to aid the body in expressing higher levels function. Helping the body move toward more optimal states through chiropractic is accomplished via the application of specific adjustments to the spine in order to positively impact one's “lifeline" (nervous system).

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