Becoming a New Member

1st Visit:

After receiving a warm and friendly welcome by Treth, and handing her your completed Intake Forms, you will receive a tour of the office so that you become familiar with our office layout. You will then meet with Dr. Sanchez for a private consultation in which you'll both go over your health history, reasons for your visit, and, most importantly, your health & wellness goals. If it's mutually decided that we are moving on to the next step (Initial Examination), you will be escorted to the examination room and given preparatory instructions.

Now it's time for the examination. Dr. Sanchez will perform an examination, focusing on locating any signs of interference in your nervous system, consisting of a series of non-invasive, high-tech tests using some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art computerized technology available:

  • Insight Millennium™ Subluxation Station™, the only technology of its kind Certified by the Space Foundation, which is co-founded by NASA.
  • sEMG – assesses the motor nervous system by analyzing small electrical signals going from your brain to the muscles along your spine
  • Infrared Rolling Thermal Scan – assesses autonomic nervous system function by measuring skin temperature differentials along the spine
  • Pulse Wave Profiler – measures Heart Rate Variability (beat-to-beat variation) to assess the balance between the two autonomic branches (sympathetic and parasympathetic)
  • Computerized Postural Balance Analysis – assesses postural sway/center of gravity [not just bilateral/side-to-side, but Anterior-Posterior (front-to-back), Lateral (side-to-side), and overall combination of A-P and Lateral]

After completing the examination process, you will go to the front desk so that Treth can schedule you for your next appointment for Dr. Sanchez to go over the examination findings with you and address any questions or concerns you may have at that time. You will also be given some material to read prior to your next appointment to help you better understand the recommendations and the "flow" of our office (with the inclusion of our Office Policies & Procedures).

2nd Visit:

Dr. Sanchez will meet with you and go over your examination findings, recommendations for care, and financial options. He will also answer any questions you may have at this time. [Dr. Sanchez feels it's very important for you to bring your significant other (if applicable) to your Report of Examination Findings in order for him/her to have a better understanding of your findings and recommendations, as well as for support.]

Upon our office accepting you for care, and your accepting to continue with care, you will be receiving an adjustment. Welcome to our family, and get ready to "Experience the Ripples of Change."

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