Welcome to Life Energy Wellness Center in Tucson, AZ

Without a properly functioning spine and nervous system, optimal health and life expression are impossible to achieve. Our office offers a 'new wave' in health & wellness care that so many people have been in search of for themselves and their families for quite some time now; a life transforming experience to help them transcend where they are and achieve higher levels of wellness, mind-body-soul integration/unification & awareness, and enhanced strategies for adapting to stress and life. Everyone deserves to be their best.

About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a drugless, neurologically based health care profession that was founded by D.D. Palmer.

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Our Practice

Here at Life Energy Wellness Center, we employ an approach not practiced by many, Tonal Chiropractic.

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About Us

Life Energy Wellness Center is owned and operated by Dr. Jaime Sanchez, a native Arizonan.

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